About Cree

About Cree

Cree Lawson is an award-winning writer, publisher, journalist and entrepreneur. Currently serving as CEO of Arrivalist, Cree travels around the world presenting unique Arrivalist's unique insights in to the way media influences tourism to the 60+ cities, states and countries that Arrivalist counts as clients.

Prior to Arrivalist. Cree founded Travel Ad Network Inc. (TAN)--one of the leading Vertical Ad Networks--with less than $500,000 in investment and turned it into the largest travel information audience in the world. Travel Ad Network made INC Magazine's Fortune 500 Fastest-Growing Companies before raising $35 million in venture capital. Prior to founding Travel Ad Network, Lawson served in a variety of Management, Sales, Business Development and Marketing roles at Random House, the Associated Press, Gannett, Time Warner Trade Publisher and two Internet start-ups. 

Cree is also a nationally-recognized investigative reporter and an academic All-American athlete. His publishing career began in 1994 when, as editor of the college newspaper, he made The Belmont Vision one of the first 5 college papers published online. Lawson lives with his wife and kids in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.


Executive Management, New Media Strategy & Consulting, Advertising Market Research, Online Travel, Business Development, Sales Management, Entrepreneurship, Networking in Travel & Online Media Industry, Online Advertising Networks